Cara Coffin
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Coffee Tour

During winter break we had too much time on our hands and too little knowledge of coffee.

My Adventure buddy, Micah, and I embarked on a local coffee tour to see what our city had to offer.


The Plan

We started off with locations that roast their own coffee. Then, we explored other coffee shops. We judged each place on a scale of 1-5 based on four categories:

  1. Location: walkability, parking available, accessibility.

  2. Price: simply how much does you cup of joe cost.

  3. Ambiance: decor, seating, store flow, friendliness, and overall vibe.

  4. Taste: from gross to heavenly we tried it all.


What We Learned

We are in the works of making a complete guide to Richmond coffee scene based on our findings.

We documented our journey HERE .