Cara Coffin
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Oh hey there!


In Spanish my name means “face” so some of my friends call me that. I am an ENFP (double emphasis on the “extroverted”) with a passion for travel, obsession with pesto, and secret pie recipe. I fell in love with the water—waterskiing, sailing, surfing, you name it. I discovered my home-away-from-home in southern Spain and recently rescued a cute new sidekick: Louie.

If I was stranded on a island I would want:

  • A Mango Smoothie

  • “The Great Gatsby” the Novel

  • “Psych” the TV Show

  • Giant Jenga

If I was captured in an ice castle I would request:

  • Banana Pancakes

  • “Elf” The Movie

  • A Snuggie

  • A Sled

Contact Info

301.661.5341 //