Cara Coffin

Segmentation Study



The Ask

Segment the dog food market to advise PetSmart Inc.

The Findings

There are many rising trends in dog owner ship but the in-store experience is still important.

The Recommendations

PetSmart could add some additional in-store experiences to speak to each segment specifically.

It started with a research deep dive…

Methods of Research:

  1. Desk research

  2. Competitive analysis

  3. 1X1 Interviews with veterinarians, pet store employees and dog owners

  4. Pet store visits

  5. Qualitative survey for dog owners


3 Key Takeaways

  1. The dog food market is more crowded since the introduction to online ordering

  2. Price and expert advice are top purchase drivers

  3. It’s a two horse race between PetSmart and Petco for in-store purchase

PetSmart’s Current Brand Position


Up Next: Quantitative Research

The key findings above informed the approach to larger quantitative research: a 100 question long survey that reached 100 respondents.


Up Next: Cross Tab, Cross Tab, & Cross Tab To Identify Segments

What Does This Mean For PetSmart?

PetSmart should make in store adjustments to speak directly to each segment. This will help them stay ahead of their main competition, Petco.

New Layout VS. Current Layout


Partners in crime: Micah Davenport, Davis Rohdes, Severin Didriksen

Class: Account Planning